It takes about 3 hours on average for Britons to complete an online shopping

How much time do you spend shopping online? Do you carefully review comments before placing an order? A survey in the UK shows that it takes a little more than 3 hours for Britons to complete an online purchase on average, and it takes an average of half an hour to check reviews before placing an order.

A British research company conducted an online survey on the online shopping habits of 2,000 adults and came to the above conclusion. The survey shows that the British complete online shopping roughly divided into seven steps, which takes a little over 3 hours on average, including

  • 35 minutes to consider whether this purchase is necessary
  • 33 minutes to search for product or service information online
  • 31 minutes to search for similar products
  • For comparison, it takes an average of 30 minutes before placing an order to check reviews, share a product with friends and relatives, and put the product in the shopping cart.

Among the survey respondents, 31% would buy “big items” online, and 25% would prefer face-to-face transactions. The standard for “big items” is a price higher than £163. Approximately 62% self-identified as prudent buyers and would not place an order easily. More than 14% of consumers claiming to be “impulsive” will first place an order and then ask questions.

The survey also shows that if a product’s overall score is less than 3.4 stars, consumers generally will not buy it. If even 99% of a product is five-star favourable, but 1% is one-star negative, about 10% of consumers will not accept it. If consumers want to completely trust a brand, 45% of survey respondents believe that they need to receive products in “perfect condition”, 26% believe that delivery should be fast, and 41% believe that good after-sales service is required.

Also, 78% of consumers will leave comments after online shopping, and less than half of them may leave favourable comments due to the merchant’s incentive policies, such as cashback and lottery. At the same time, 83% of survey respondents believe that businesses will post false reviews to attract more people to buy.

Given that consumers spend so much time reviewing reviews, accuracy, and fairness are essential for businesses. We must be wary that some brands’ reviews cannot be trusted because those who leave reviews are motivated to leave good reviews.

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